HTC Golf smartphone tipped by EXIF photo data

We're always up to hearing about new smartphones that have not gone official. Sometimes we get blurry spy shots showing the unreleased smartphones and other times we can glean a few details from data contained within images and from other sources. The picture you see below has tipped a new smartphone coming called the HTC Golf.

We have no idea what the picture is actually of, but it's the EXIF that holds the scant tidbits about the new HTC smartphone anyway. According to the EXIF data, the smartphone is called the HTC Golf and rocks a three-megapixel image sensor. Naturally, that name could change between now March. There are no official details at this point.

Recombu cites specifications that are pure guesswork, but the device is expected to be a budget smartphone. Likely specifications would include 3.5-inch screen, 800 MHz processor, and Android 4.0 ICS for the operating system. We'll certainly be on the lookout for more details.

[via Recombu]