HTC Diamond gets Android 1.6 in OS hack [Video]

It's taken them over 500 pages of hacking, but earnest tweakers over at xda-developers have managed to get Android 1.6 Donut running on the hitherto Windows Mobile 6.1 HTC Diamond.  The first-gen Diamond has a compact 2.8-inch resistive touchscreen running at VGA resolution, and the hacked Android ROM is reportedly responsive together with offering support for both WiFi and GPS.Video demo after the cut

Android's hardware control requirements have been mapped to the Diamond's front panel keys, and – while some users are experiencing issues – the accelerometer seems to be doing its thing too, flicking the screen between portrait and landscape orientation.  Audio is also functional, though at least one person has reported some stuttering when using Bluetooth A2DP headphones.

All in all, it's not perfect but then the Touch Diamond was never intended as an Android device.  Tweaking is ongoing, but if you want to see how the project is progressing so far check out this video by c4software: