HTC countdown all but confirms new “One” device

Craig Lloyd - Feb 13, 2013
HTC countdown all but confirms new “One” device

There’s no shortage of HTC rumors going around, and HTC’s upcoming event on February 19 has just added speculation to the fire. However, HTC has given us a huge clue that pretty much all but confirms that the HTC One is real (previously known as the HTC M7). The company posted up a countdown to its February 19 event that highlights the “1” in the seconds column every time it comes around.

Also, every time the countdown hits “1” in the instance, a quick video plays in the background of what is possibly a glimpse at the HTC One itself. In fact, there’s a fan-made video that puts together all of these mysterious clips into one to create a teaser trailer of sorts. The video is only 20 seconds long, but it includes all of the short clips featured in HTC’s countdown, and gives us a slightly better idea of what we’re looking at.

Obviously, the video doesn’t provide a lot of details on what the phone looks like, and we mostly just see corners and edges, as well as a glimpse of the back panel. As far as comparing it to the latest leaked render of the device, there’s really not enough information yet to put the two together.

Then again, the countdown and the video are huge tells, and it pretty much just makes us even more excited for what HTC has in store come next Tuesday. Of course, we’ll be there live covering the event as it happens, so be sure to stay tuned come next Tuesday and we’ll finally see what HTC will be pulling out of its hat.

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