HTC confirms ‘new HTC One’ coming at MWC

Nate Swanner - Feb 17, 2015, 3:46pm CST
HTC confirms ‘new HTC One’ coming at MWC

After a series of leaked images and rumored specs, HTC is just about ready to unveil their next phone. In addition to those leaks and rumors, some have been quietly suggesting HTC’s newest won’t be called a ‘One’. While we won’t assume it’ll be an M9, HTC is revealing it’s a One-branded device. In a recent post to their UK Twitter feed, HTC says the new One is coming, and it’ll be here March 1. That’s when HTC is holding their MWC presser.

While the easy assumption is that HTC is releasing a One M9 — or a similarly named follow-up to carry their banner — it’s just as possible this will be a mid-range device. We’d like to think the One M9 is incoming, but that’s not a foregone conclusion.

Recently, we’d heard that HTC’s website was found with cached One M9 code, so we’re pretty sure the One M9 is around the corner.

Of course, this could also mean that HTC is branding other devices under their One banner, like that smartwatch we’ve been anticipating.

More than likely, HTC is bringing an iterative refresh for their One smartphone flagship, though. All leaks to this point suggest the new-look One will be slightly tweaked to dissolve HTC of their Dual Camera array around back. We’ve not seen any front-facing shots, but we’ll assume the front-facing speakers will remain intact.

Whatever HTC has for us, we’ll find out March 1 in Barcelona. SlashGear will be on the ground to bring you all the latest from MWC, so stay tuned!

Source: HTC

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