HTC announces the One (M8) PHUNK limited edition

The HTC One (M8) is perhaps the most premium Android phone we've ever seen. The metal housing is a joy to put in your hand, but can be a bit subdued to look at. If you've been wanting a One (M8), but aren't a fan of the plain aesthetic, there is good news. HTC is working with art studio PHUNK to create a fresh take on the rear of the One.

PHUNK, based in Singapore, is the first HTC partner in their 2014 "Here's to Creativity" campaign. HTC will partner with various studios and designers from around the world, and each new handset will have it's own theme and storyline.

The theme PHUNK created is called "Wonderment", and is an introduction of sorts to their upcoming traveling art exhibition, which will hit Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The design is laser-etched, and the design enhances both the colors and material HTC uses for the One (M8). PHUNK also created two custom wallpapers for your HTC One (M8), to fully round out your special edition phone, or give your existing one a little artistic flair.

HTC says PHUNK created 64 of these devices, and it looks like they'll be giveaways. HTC has said you can't actually purchase them, instead offering them up as contest prizes. Keep an eye out for those contests popping up if you want to snap one up.

Source: HTC