HTC Android tablets delayed as Google puts support behind LG and Motorola

LG announced not too long ago that it would be delaying its tablets running Android in order to wait for a more tablet friendly version of the OS to run the tablets. Google says that current Android versions are not tablet friendly, despite other makers using the OS in tablets expected soon. A report from DigiTimes has surfaced that claims HTC's Android tablets are delayed significantly.

According to the source, an analyst from JPMorgan, the delay in the HTC tablets will see them slip from the expected Q4 2010 time frame to Q2 2011. That means that the tablets will miss the important holiday shopping season. The change in launch of the tablets comes amid reports that Google is throwing it support for tablets on Android 3.0 behind Motorola.

After Android 3.0, LG will get Google's attention for tablets on Android 3.5. Presumably, after that release HTC will get its turn for tablet love. There is no word on why HTC was shunned in favor of the other two firms for tablets running Android.

Via Android Community