HTC 2009 Smartphones leak? Tungsten QWERTY Touch HD, new Android Hero

Images purported to be of HTC's 2009 OEM range of smartphones have leaked.  Twenty-five different devices are pictured, several of which are suggested as CDMA and GSM versions of the same handset, and the collection includes what looks to be a QWERTY-slider version of the HTC Touch HD, together with a new Android-based device codenamed the Hero.Full gallery of leaked HTC 2009 devices after the cut

The leaked range spans from simple touchscreen devices, reminiscent of the current Touch Diamond, to QWERTY-equipped candybar phones, through to a web-tablet called the Whitestone W.  Speculation surfaced last year after the announcement of the Touch HD that HTC would produce a version with a hardware keyboard; at the time the company denied such a device was planned.  Now, though, there appear to be two smartphones similar to the HD: the Rhodium and the Tungsten, with several versions for CDMA and GSM networks.

One thing seemingly missing is a WiMAX device; that, again, was tipped to be coming from the company after they released a WiMAX version of the Touch HD in Russia.  Of course, there's no confirmation on whether any of these images are real, so take them with a pinch of salt.

[thanks Jason]