HSDPA-equiped Raon EVERUN UMPC in the wild

It might look like UMPC-addict Hugo Ortega is using a vintage brick cellphone, but in fact he's flaunting his latest toy: Raon Digital's EVERUN UMPC.  Steve Paine showed us his on Wednesday, but the key difference here (and the reason Hugo has the EVERUN clamped to his ear) is that Steve's didn't have the HSDPA modem. 

I can see built-in high-speed 3G connectivity making a world of difference to the EVERUN; all of a sudden it goes from being a periodically-connected organiser-with-bells-on to a real possibility for mobile working.  I'm looking forward to seeing Hugo's full review; if there's anything you'd like to know about the EVERUN, make sure you hop over to his site and ask him to mention it.

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