HQ Trivia Android release near after blockbuster year on iPhone

HQ Trivia was the biggest game on iOS in the year 2017 – now its expanding beyond its iPhone borders. Android device users that found themselves jealous of their iPhone-using relatives playing HQ Trivia this holiday season can now rejoice. Android users can now head to Google Play to pre-register for the app to get updates about when the app will be available for download.

The game is HQ Trivia, and the reason its so popular might have a lot to do with the prizes it gives. Real money – cash prizes. That's what the app professes to include. Whether the game actually gives money or not is irrelevant for the time being. What is relevant is the massive success of the app itself.

The folks behind HQ Trivia suggest they had a Christmas Day record number of players for their in-app game show at 730-thousand+. The more players join, the higher the prize pot is, but the likelier it is that the prize will be split into smaller portions. The concept might seem harmless, but the end result is something out of Black Mirror.

If you really want to make some money, buy some Bitcoin. The amount of time you spend on this app will not result in a cash prize higher than you'll get for the amount of labor you put in to your job per hour. Unless you love the most simplistic questions on earth and don't mind spending your time on an app with diminishing returns taking shape in the worst way.

Have a peek at an article in The Atlantic by Ian Bogost to get a longer look at why this app represents our end of days. It's not as innocent as it looks. Or if you're all about that trivia and want to cash in on a prize that might reach up to a whole $10, head over to Google Play right this minute!

UPDATE: Per the creators of HQ Trivia – "Android update: we're in limited beta as of Christmas Day & are working quickly on patches, so we can continue to roll it out to more testers throughout the week. Our goal is to make it available to ALL by Jan. 1."