HP’s new team: ENVY x2, Pavilion x2, new Chromebooks

JC Torres - Sep 4, 2014, 8:00pm CDT
HP’s new team: ENVY x2, Pavilion x2, new Chromebooks

While not exactly at IFA, HP is joining in on the IFA 2014 fun by announcing a new series of notebooks and hybrids. These include two new ENVY x2’s and a Pavilion x2, both Windows tablet/laptop hybrids, and two new members of Google’s Chrome OS devices, an 11-inch and a 14-inch Chromebook, the latter sporting an NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip.

HP’s two ENVY newcomers feature detachable keyboards that turn the laptops into tablets or vice versa. What is quite interesting about these models is that the keyboards are said to be fabric-covered, providing protection to the screen when folded. The keyboards also connect to the tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth, making it possible to use the duo in whatever configuration or position the user is most comfortable with. The two ENVY x2 models come in a 13.3-inch display with 256 GB SSD storage and a 15.5-inch screen with a 500 GB hybrid hard drive. Both boast of a Beats Audio sound system inside and run on Intel Core M processors.

The Pavilion, HP’s budget line, is also getting a hybrid laptop with the Pavilion x2. This model is powered by an Intel Atom processor and only has a 10-inch screen. That said, it comes with a full Windows 8 package so it won’t be wanting in terms of software. Though it doesn’t have Beats inside, its two front speakers does employ DTS sound. It also has a battery that is advertised to last 11.75 hours. It may not be as impressive in terms of specs as the two ENVY x2’s mentioned above, but then again the focus of the Pavilion x2 is portability and affordability.

HP is also expanding its Chromebook line with two new models. The 11-inch Chromebook features an 11.6-inch HD display and comes in three color options of Ocean Turquoise, Snow White or Twinkle Black. The 14-inch model, on the other hand, might be a tad more interesting. As mentioned, it runs on an NVIDIA Tegra K1, one of the fastest mobile chips in the market today. The screen is also upgraded to Full HD resolution. Although it does only have two color options, Twinkle Black or Snow White, users can choose from a selection of four color accents, including Smoke Silver, Sorbet Orange, Ocean Turquoise or Neon Green.

The 13.3-inch ENVY x2 will launch on October 29 for $1,049.99. The 15.6-inch ENVY x2 comes later in November, strangely with a lower price tag of $949.99. The HP Pavilion x2 goes for $329.99 starting also on October 29. The 11-inch Chromebook will go on sale October 5 for $279.99 while its larger 14-inch sibling will launch a bit later on October 22 with a slightly higher price tag of $299.99.


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