HP XW9400 Workstation packs 45nm ‘Shanghai’ CPU with water-cooling

Daniel Lim - Dec 11, 2008, 1:53am CST

Not the best looking workstation out there but beneath the plain HP enclosure hides the new AMD Opteron’s ‘Shanghai’ Quad-core processors with HP first’s liquid cooling technology- a feature that needs no further introduction for PC enthusiast. Now you can get the high performance and well engineered HP professional workstation, water-cooled for much quieter without the heat performance.

HP is offering several of the newer ‘Shanghai’ chips with the xw9400 workstation, including the Opteron 2376 (2.3GHz) to 2384 (2.7GHz), pairs with number of discrete graphics options from Nvidia Quadro professional video cards. The HP xw9400 system-board offers a choice of two Nvidia chip sets, including the nForce Professional 3600 and the nForce Pro 3050.

Memory expansion supports up to 8X8GB of DDR2 with storage options available from five SATA hard disk drives that offer up to 5TB of data storage or five SAS drives that offer up to 1.5TB of storage.

The starting price for the HP xw9400 is $1,425 with basic configuration without the Shanghai CPU and liquid cooling.

[HP via impress]

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