HP w2408 24-Inch LCD Rotates, Complies with HDCP

James Allan Brady - Sep 4, 2007, 7:51 am CST

Arriving on Wednesday, HP’s latest 24-inch display should whet your appetite with a landscape to portrait rotation and more. There is a 160 degree viewing angle, and the aforementioned HDCP.

There is also the new 92% wide color gamut, a 4 port USB hub, speakers and a headphone jack. The speakers aren’t much, just 2w and they face away from the user out the back, so unless you put it up against a wall you probably won’t hear much.

HP monitor

Its VESA mountable has a 16:10 aspect ration, 1920×1200 rez @ 60Hz, 400 nits brightness, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The response time is a nice 5ms but sadly the backlighting isn’t LED. It should have both VGA and DVI cables and will be out soon, oh, and it looks great too.

HP Prepares New 24-inch Display [via DailyTech]

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