HP Unveils Eight New Displays, Four IPS Panels With One Sub-$200

HP unveiled eight new displays today, including four from its HP ZR-series that use IPS panels, of which one is touted as the industry's first sub-$200 display to feature IPS technology. The other four displays include one affordable HP Compaq model for business and three digital signage models.

The HP ZR2740w, ZR2440w, ZR2240w, and ZR2040w ZR-Series Performance Displays are sized 27-inch, 24-inch, 21.5-inch, and 20-inch, respectively. They feature LED backlit IPS panels for ultrawide viewing angles and when compared to non-IPS panels, they offer up to 10 times higher contrast ratios when viewed from an angle.

The HP ZR2740w is the company's first 27-inch display to generate more than 1 billion onscreen colors for smooth color transitions, while the other three in the lineup generate up to 16.7 million onscreen colors. The HP ZR2240w and ZR2440w provide 2-million-to-1 dynamic contrast ratios. Pricing for the new HP ZR-Series displays range from $189 to $729 and are available now, expect for the R2440w model, which will be available in October.

The HP Compaq LE202x offers business users an affordable option with a small footprint and thin profile. This 21.5-inch LED display features full HD 1920x1080 resolution with fast 5ms response time. It's priced at $179 and will be available starting September 19.

The HP Digital Signage Displays LD4220tm and LD4720tm are 42-inch and 47-inch, respectively. They are full HD 1080p widescreen LCD multi-touch displays geared for 24/7 usage in retail applications. The HP SignagePlayer mp8200 is designed to work with HP's new rp5800 Retail System and is again targeted at retail applications. Pricing for these are not listed and they are expected for the September-October time frame.

[via HP]