HP TouchPad tablet has rear camera in commercial, not in the real world

You can bet now that the iPad 2 is on the market rocking dual cameras that just about every competitive offering that hits stores will also rock dual cameras. HP showed off its TouchPad with a commercial with a dude and his son using the touchpad and a faux augmented reality app to see what his room would look like with wallpaper that has raptors on it.

The footage was shown during the HP summit webcast and eagled eyed viewers noticed something in the video. The TouchPad in the footage had a rear-mounted camera on the top left corner. That is all fine and good, but the TouchPad has no rear camera in the real world.

The TouchPad will have a gyroscope, but that rear-facing camera is apparently only the dream of the folks that made the video. The TouchPad is currently set for a June launch; perhaps specs will change before then. Three months is an eternity in the tech world.

[via PreCentral]