HP TouchPad Go reviewed in full despite dead production status

It's an odd situation we're in here with HP's webOS mobile operating system now being open sourced and its TouchPad tablet having had such a summer that we'll never forget – and it's all come to a new strange point as the folks at webOSNation have gotten their hands on a tester unit of the smaller version of the tablet for a full review: HP TouchPad Go for the win! What's found, in short, is that this is essentially the same tablet as its larger relative, it's just presented here in a smaller package and at much cuter ratios. They're running webOS 3.0.5, Beats Audio is fully incorporated, and this device's dual-core 1.5GHz processor is in full swing.

You'll get a full hands-on treatment with this device courtesy of the Nation right below this paragraph, including no less than benchmarks, Ken Burns effects sliding in and out, and Asphalt 6 running quite nicely for superior racing action. As they say, webOS 3.0 works "without compromise" on this smaller device, and it's a pretty big bummer that the device will never see the light of day because it's certainly not the least impressive tablet in the history of mobile. On the other hand, the cameras aren't fantastic, the tablet is thick, and again, this tablet will never be sold to the public.

For a much more interesting and relevant vision for you the consumer, if that's who you are, head to our timeline below to see how the released version of the TouchPad worked out over the past year. It's a hundred-dollar madness fest you'll never want to forget! That, and the idea that there might be SOME TouchPad Go units out there in the wild able to be hacked up is an interesting thought to think through. Let's run some iOS on that mother!

[via WebOSNation]