HP to jump aboard 3D printer market next summer

The 3D printing industry has been catching public attention in growing strides lately, and as the technology is refined, more uses for the technology has surfaced. HP has been long-involved in the printing industry as a whole, and as such it only makes sense that the company will be jumping aboard the 3D printing market with its own offering next year.

The company will enter the market in the middle of next year, with the information coming from HP's CEO Meg Whitman speaking at the Canalys Channels Forum in Thailand. Said Whitman: "We are excited about 3D printing ... 3D printing is in its infancy. It is a big opportunity and we are all over it. We will have something by the middle of next year."

While the company wasn't too open about what its entrance into the market will look like, it did provide some information about its areas of focus in the industry, namely in getting costs lower, as well as speeding up the amount of time it takes to print a 3D object. It is also looking into helping service providers interested in the technology.

There is a promise that whatever HP brings to the market will be a new technology, but beyond that, information is scarce. Likewise, the company does not expect the industry to take off any time soon, instead shuffling along for about another three years before a pivotal change takes place. In that time span, HP will work towards getting into the market feet-first.

SOURCE: The Register