HP teases Prime multitouch graphing calculator

Graphing calculators haven't changed much over the years, but they don't really need to. Or do they? It turns out HP wants to completely revolutionize the graphing calculator, and has released a teaser video showing off its new Prime graphing calculator that sports a 3.5-inch multitouch display and a brushed aluminum body.

This is undoubtedly the most advanced graphing calculator we've seen, especially since most of the top-of-the-lines ones are still made of plastic and don't even have a touchscreen display. The HP Prime comes with a suite of graphing apps that will get you through your tedious high school and college math courses, and the multitouch screen looks to make it easier to plot out points on a plain.

The brushed aluminum body is also something we don't see very often on a graphing calculator, but honestly, this is what a graphic calculator should be in the first place, especially if you're paying a couple hundred dollars for it. However, pricing hasn't been announced for the HP Prime yet, nor is the company saying anything about availability.

The collection of apps allow you to easily insert formulas, much like an Excel spreadsheet, which is extremely handy and way easier than any of those older Texas Instruments graphing calculators. Uses will also be able to connect the Prime to their PC to create apps and programs on, and then send them to the calculator. However, it's not said what the Prime will do as far as gaming is concerned, but we're guessing that there will be plenty of that.

[via Chip Chick]