HP Slate leaks out for video demo?

A video purporting to show a walk-through of HP's Windows 7 based Slate tablet PC has landed on YouTube.  The footage – which has been uploaded by an anonymous user with only a single video on their account since their November 2007 registration – shows a slate with a diamond-textured rear panel (and embedded camera), various hardware controls around the edges, and a functional Windows 7 install with a touchscreen apparently supporting both finger-control and a stylus.

HP's tablet has been a rumor mainstay over the past few months, after the company initially allowed Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to demo it as a shining example of Windows 7 in a portable form-factor, but then cast doubt over the whole project.  In the meantime, the company acquired Palm and confirmed it would be producing at least one webOS tablet.

Last we heard, the HP Slate was headed to enterprise customers while the webOS model(s) had consumer focus.  Of course, the tablet in this video could well be fake; a no-name OEM model with the HP logo put on, for instance.

[via Twitter]