HP releases webOS Community Edition for TouchPads

It was a few months ago when we got word of HP's plans to release something called a "Community Edition" as an added part to webOS 3.0.5. Now, webOS Community Edition has been released for use on legacy TouchPad tablets. Users will be able to learn how the TouchPad works, make modifications and then eventually apply what they've learned to Open webOS 1.0 in the future.

Although the webOS team worked closely alongside the WebOS Internals to release webOS Community Edition, it's not the same as Open webOS. The release of Open webOS 1.0 is expected to be released in September and will offer developers the ability to port webOS to their own devices and make use of open source technology integration.

Available online for download, the source code may be used by developers under the Apache License, Version 2.0 so they can combine open source code with their own stuff and sell it as desired. In addition to the release of the Community Edition, some other parts of the webOS have already been made available by the Open webOS team, including the Isis Browser project and the DB8 database service provider.

[via Verge]