HP ProBook 400 and 200 Series aim for SMB market on the thin side

This week the folks at HP have revealed the HP ProBook 400 Series notebook PC line, this collection up to 36% thinner than HP's previous generation machines. While the ProBook 400 series brings on display sizes from 13.3 inches all the way up to 17.3 inches, they've all got Meteorite Grey paint jobs with accents in real aluminum for what HP explains will be a combination that will "keep the system looking good longer". HP's push for the SMB build will be bringing five new notebooks to the small business world, each of them available starting this month.

While each of the units being presented in the HP ProBook 400 notebook PC series is a significant amount thinner than its predecessor, the line also brings up to 18% lighter weight points as well. Like HP is want to do with their notebook lineup across the board, the company is pushing a "115,000 hours of reliability testing" point here with the 400 series. They've also suggested that this line has gone through "extensive platform qualification" as well.

The HP ProBook 430 G1 will be released alongside the HP ProBook 440 G0 while the HP ProBook 445 G1 will be offered along side the ProBook 455 G1 and the ProBook 470 G0 as well, all of them starting to hit shelves this month starting at $499 USD. You'll be able to have a peek at this lineup this month right alongside the HP 200 Series Notebook as well, this lineup made for small businesses from start to finish.

With the HP 200 Series Notebook, HP has created a business machine made for content creation and consumption in a rather stock-ready sense. Both the HP ProBook 400 notebook PC line and the HP 200 Series Notebook line work with HP 3D DriveGuard for hardware protection of your data – that's for real bumps and sudden movements making with the otherwise deadly crashes on your machine.

NOTE: While it's mentioned here that the HP 200 Series Notebook will be aiming to take on the rising Chromebook market, it will not be working with Google's Chrome operating system. Instead users will be working with Microsoft's Windows OS.

The HP 200 Series Notebook line works with a durable casing that comes in any color just so long as it's black, and you'll have the choice of picking this machine up in two iterations. There's the HP 250 Notebook and the HP 255 Notebook, the line starting at $249 USD, looking ready to take on the inexpensive Chromebook segment head-on.