HP Pre-Production 3D Formed Notebook Models Hands-On [Video]

When you've got a multi-million-dollar business on your hands, you don't just crank out notebooks whenever you please. You've got to do all sorts of pre-illustration, testing, and bashing to bits of your product before it hits the sales floor. HP knows this, and they've let us come into their Houston home and take a look around their halls at everything from here to there in what was called the HP Making of Elite Tour – the first of its kind. What we've got here is one of the first things we got to see on the tour – a stack of notebook forms.

As you'll see in the video here in this post, these are 3D-printed forms of future (and past) notebooks as created by the hardware conceptualizers at HP. Our tour consisted of a lot of HP's Elite line of PCs, so we must assume that most of these were coming from those ranks, but the stack is high, and the stack is interesting. How would you like to be able to design notebooks like these, complete with the ability to see your concepts printed out in full form right before your eyes? Certainly cuts down on the amount of metal material you'd otherwise have to toss out.

[vms 53590338791951e38c3a]

HP Notebook Concept Forms Hands-on

This is one of many videos filmed over the past week during our tour of HP Houston. You've already seen some soon to be released and just-released computers ready to rock with Windows 8, as well as a bit of info on what this event has to do with the announcement earlier this year on the proposed "spinning off" of the PC business from HP altogether, and the future holds much smashing of laptops and the pushing of them through the testing steps to make sure your product is of the Elite caliber they promise.

Have a peek here at another video along these same invention lines, courtesy of Eric Chen of HP Notebook Design. Here he shows off several EliteBook iterations made in full metal – further down the line than these first plastic forms.

[vms 87e9e29bd20e24f0c050]

HP's Eric Chen shows off EliteBook Concepts

Stick with us throughout this next week as we continue to bring the videos from all throughout the HP Making of Elite Tour. You can find all of the post associated with this tour by simply hitting the [HP Elite portal]