HP Pavilion g6 and g7 hands-on

There's a whole new range of notebooks in the world this week as HP aims as students with such great little machines as the HP Pavilion g6 and g7. Both of these notebooks are made for the everyday student looking for not only a generous amount of computing power for the classroom but an enhanced audio and visual experience as well for entertainment. These notebooks are also relatively inexpensive, great for students wishing to spend under $600 for a notebooks for their college or highschool career – holding them in your hands is a treat, as well, with soft edges and lovely colors at every turn.

Here in the HP Pavilion g6 and g7 you've got an enhanced bit of audio power with an exposed speaker bar (as opposed to a hidden one under the keyboard) for superior sound projection. You'll have a bowl-shaped keyboard deck for easy typing as well as a textured touchpad for a new look at working without a mouse. These notebooks will bring you a unique and high-class mix of features for your everyday in-class note taking and computing needs, that's for sure.

These notebooks come in ruby red, sparkling black, linen white, winter blue, and of course, bright purple for the discerning color cover user. These notebooks will be released for an expected set of prices at $479.99 and $549.99 depending on your model choice and features. The whole line then, all color choices included, will be out on the market on the 25th of July. Have a peek at the rest of HP's massive number of releases this week through our HP portal and check the 2012 season out!