HP Pavilion dv4, dv6, dv7 and m6 hands-on

The crew at HP have been hard at work for the full student experience with the HP Pavilion lineup which includes the dv4, dv6, dv7, and m6. These notebook computers are sleek and simply powerful in both their appearance and with their lovely combination of elements which make them a next-level experience for the student at any level of education. Tricked out with an exposed speaker bar on the display as well as Beats Audio integrated throughout, these devices are both made for work and play all day.

The shape of these notebooks is heavily focused on creating a unique user experience with such features as a tapered chassis and what HP is calling an "infinity waterfall edge." These notebooks also have a slim top view and come in several different finishes. For the dv6 and dv7 models you'll be getting a metal finish in "midnight black" as well as a soft-touch panel for easy holding right at the base of the display cover. The Pavilion dv4 comes in a variety of flavors with midnight black, black licorice, linen white, and carmine red options available right out of the gate.

Each of these Pavilion notebooks (above and below) works with HP CoolSense, HP ProtectSmart, and TrueVision HD Webcam. The dv6 as well as the dv7 work with HP SimplePass implemented for identity protection.

The Pavilion m6 has a rather large display with slim profile and will sitting up on the higher end of this collection at $699.99 MSRP and will be seen in select retailers in June. The dv6 will be popping up at $549.99 MSRP, the dv7 priced at $579.99, and the dv4 will be out at $799.99, each of these being current projected prices and all of them available on the 20th of June. Have a look at the rest of our HP coverage today by heading to the [HP portal] – there's lots more where this came from!