HP Omen Pro : for game makers, not just players

The second coming of the HP Omen is here with the HP Omen Pro, one made for game developers more than game players. Inside users will find an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA Quadro K1100M graphics card, and enough solid state drive storage to make with the game creation. This machine costs more than its partner (the non-pro), and rolls with many of the same looks on the outside. While most game developers take to desktops to push their high-powered creations, this machine makes the case for on-the-go makers.

On the outside, this HP Omen Pro looks and feels very much like the non-Pro edition. It has a 0.78-inch thick body with 4.68 pounds to its name, all covered with black aluminum. It's all black, we should say, save the red vents behind the back – a classy bit of flair.

Notice the slight differences between the Pro (on the right), and the original Omen (on the left). The red is pulled back JUST a bit.

You'll also have the a 15.6-inch 1080p touchscreen up front, you'll be running Windows 7 Professional instead of Windows 8. Odd, isn't it?

Above you'll see a video of the HP Omen (pre-pro) – it looks the same (mostly), delivers higher-powered action inside. Ever-so-slightly.

Inside you'll have the option to choose between HP's own 256GB or 512GB Z Turbo PCI-E solid state drive, while RAM sits at a cool 16GB. Plenty to do your business with.

This laptop is delivered for around $2,199 USD through HP today and a number of retailers soon.

BONUS: Here's "Omen" from The Prodigy to get you in the mood.