HP offering Windows 7 across entire PC range

Today marks what is likely to be the biggest and most important software launch in the history of Microsoft with Windows 7 becoming officially available. With the new OS now available for consumers, HP has announced that Windows 7 is now available on its entire range of computer systems.

The migration to a new OS for most users is never a headache free occurrence thanks to the new OS working differently than the one you are used to. HP has also announced that it will be offering customers tools and services to assist them in transitioning to Windows 7.

HP is also working with Microsoft on a 7 Days of 7 program that will provide special discounts on select HP consumer and business machines. The special deals will be available from October 22 to 29, the first 7 days of Windows 7 availability. HP is also hosting Windows 7 Expert Days with more than 45 experts from HP, Symantec, and other companies available to answer questions on Windows 7 and HP hardware. The first of these sessions is set for November 5.