HP Mini 5103 Equipped with Intel Dual-Core Atom N550 Processor Soon

When Intel announces that one of their chips will be appearing in a plethora of netbooks, we can understand why those netbook manufacturers might be slow to update their sites. Especially when the new chip is dropping into netbooks that, for all intents and purposes, are new themselves. For example, it was only the beginning of August that we told you about HP's Mini 5103, which –at the time– featured Intel's single-core N455 or N475 processors. Well, it looks like that's about to change.

According to the HP Mini 5103's Energy Star profile and the user manual itself, it looks like HP indeed intents to implement a dual-core upgrade for the little piece of technology. As of right now, though, it looks like the single-core N455 and N475 are still your configuration options. Interestingly enough, the dual-core N550 comes in with a little slower of clocked speed. It ranks in at 1.5GHz, while the N455 boasts 1.66GHz, and the N475 is clocked at 1.83GHz. However, due to its dual-core nature, it should give your netbook a little bit of a boost.

As for other specifications, they don't look like they've changed since the original outing. It will still feature up to 2GB of RAM, options up to 320GB hard drives, and integrated graphics. You can also add a capacitive touchscreen, if you want, a spill-resistant keyboard, and integrated WiFi. There's still no word on how much the netbook will cost, though, so stay tuned.

[via Hot Hardware]