HP MediaSmart Home Server

So how does a run of the mill NAS on steroid sound? Well, that's basically what Microsoft and HP have thrown together.

First, it has a faster processor than my HP laptop, with the server packing a 1.8GHz Sempron. Then it adds on 4 SATA drive bays and 4 USB ports for adding more. There are two models, one that comes with a single drive 500GB configuration and one that takes up 2 drive bays for 1TB.

From there you tack on the fact that it is running what appears to be a lightly Vista-based file server type of OS that, when properly configured, can be accessed remotely with ease, and can act as a media server, a central repository, and can perform automatic backups for up to 10 PC's connected to it. I want one, no word on price or availability other than "sometime in the fall".

UPDATE: Ms. Samantha Gladis has been kind enough to hook us up with some pricing info, "The EX470 will be $599 and the EX475 model will be $749" so there you have it, that would be respective to the capacities.Hands-On: HP MediaSmart Home Server [via PCWorld]