HP MediaSmart HDTV range axed?

Is the end at hand for HP's MediaSmart HDTVs?  That's the latest rumor surrounding the stream-friendly screens, with Chris Lanier reporting that HP are pulling the plug on their integrated TVs and concentrating instead on the standalone MediaSmart Connect set-top boxes.

The MediaSmart system connects to your home network and can stream content from Windows XP Media Center Edition, Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate.  Both the HDTV and set-top box versions work in pretty much the same way, with the former merely integrating the receiver into the set itself.  The rumor continues that HP are in fact pulling out of the LCD TV business altogether.

It probably makes more sense to focus on the standalone receivers than integrated versions; that way you have a potential market-share of all HDTV owners, rather than just those buyers looking for a new set and swayed by the convenience factor.  Apparently the remaining stock will hit Costco at a much-reduced price, so keep your eyes pealed for bargains.

[via Electronic House]