HP Hurricane webOS tablet leaks continue

With HP still refusing to comment on the record about the fate of their Windows 7 slate, we're having to piece together their tablet plans from rumor, leaks and a little tantric chanting.  Latest to the speculation buffet is GottaBeMobile, who have heard from "two separate and reliable sources" that the Windows 7 tablet won't be released this coming summer, as HP instead focus their efforts on rushing out a webOS based slate codenamed the HP Hurricane.

HP, the sources say, are seeing the webOS slate as being a direct competitor to Apple's iPad, which doesn't exactly come as a surprise.  It will also be positioned as a companion device, rather than a standalone PC as the original HP Slate.  The sources declined to confirm exact specifications.

It's also unclear as to whether the Windows 7 tablet is merely delayed or cancelled altogether; last we heard there was talk that development had been put on "hold". We've not been shy in speculating about why a webOS tablet would be so special, and we still think Palm's platform is possibly one of the best you could choose for a touchscreen device.  A firm release date for the Hurricane is still unknown; earlier rumors suggested sometime in the second half of this year, but GottaBeMobile are saying that "by the time the HP Hurricane ships we may have the second generation iPad in our hands."