HP Elite 700 series: desktops and laptops for SMBs

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 4, 2014
HP Elite 700 series: desktops and laptops for SMBs

In addition to the new Pro x2 612 for business users, HP has introduced an expansion to its Elite product lineup, the Elite 700 series. This particular device series is targeted at small and medium businesses, and includes both laptops and desktops that promise a mixture of affordability and performance.

The HP Elite 700 series is a line of PCs that aim to meet the needs of various transactional, small, and medium businesses — some are small and light, some are large and offer higher-end graphics, and others include micro-tower and small form factor desktop systems.

The systems are offered in two varieties: AMD A-Series Pro APU systems and Intel Haswell systems with either Core i3 or Core i5 processors. The AMD variety includes the EliteBook 725 12.5-inch notebook, the 14-inch EliteBook 745, and the 15.6-inch EliteBook 755.

Those looking for Intel internals will have the EliteBook 720 option, which is hailed as offering long battery life for travelers, as well as the EliteBook 740 ultrabook and the EliteBook 750 15-inch ultrabook. These are accompanied by various desktop PCs with both AMD and Intel options.

The desktop offerings are similar, with the EliteOne 700 all-in-one featuring a 23-inch display and the EliteDesk 700, which can be had in three different configurations: Desktop Mini, Microtower, and Small Form Factor, each harboring their own hardware specs. The above desktops feature AMD internals, but Intel options are also available, with the EliteDesk 700 Intel series only being available with Microtower and Small Form Factor configurations.

The EliteBook 720, 740, and 750 will be available in August; the EliteBook 725, 745, and 755 will launch this month starting at $799/$739/$749; the EliteOne 700 and EliteDesk 700 will launch in September; the EliteDesk 700 micro/SFF with AMD will launch in July, and the same with Intel internals will launch in November.

Not all prices have been revealed.


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