HP Compaq Pro 4300 makes Small Form Factor affordable

Small Form Factor or "SFF" computers are a boon to businesses thanks to their low volume and power requirements. HP is hoping for some corporate dollars with the Compaq Pro 4300 model SFF PC. Its options include both 2nd and 3rd-generation (Ivy Bridge) Intel Core processors, a media card reader and hard drives up to a full terrabyte in size or a 256GB SSD.

While the standard model has integrated Intel graphics (4000 series for Ivy Bridge processors, 3000 series for older ones) with VGA and DVI output options, it's also got an open PCIe x16 slot for adding a graphics card if necessary. Two DDR3 DIMM slots max out at 16GB of total memory. USB options are limited to 2.0, but you get a lot of them: four on the front, four on the back and two internal.

The dimensions for this little guy are 13.3 by 14.9 b 3.95 inches, and it draws electricity from a 240-watt power supply. An 85% efficiency power supply is an optional extra. Disc drive options include standard DVD, DVD-RW and Blu-ray drives. The HP Compaq Pro 4300 SFF PC will be available on June 9th starting at $499 for the base model.