HP Clarifies Plans To Expand WebOS On PCs

Some have been wondering what HP meant during its "Think Beyond" event when launched a slew of webOS based devices and announced that it would "drastically expand" its webOS platform beyond smartphones and tablets. There was speculation that this meant the near future involved HP replacing Microsoft Windows on its laptops and desktops with webOS. However, HP clarified that this wasn't the case and that instead they are seeking an improved integration of webOS with Windows.

"There's a huge user base that still wants the [Windows] PC, " said HP Chief Technical Officer Phil McKinney in an interview with The Seattle Times. "The key is that even on their PCs, people want to have it integrated with their devices. We have our PCs, you have your pads, you've got your phones. How do they work together? In today's world they all act as individual information islands. What webOS does is bring all that together."

They won't be bringing integration through virtualization. HP wants to develop webOS apps that will combine all your devices together into a unified and smooth experience. So webOS is not replacing Windows on PCs, but rather, more fully integrating with it. They plan to eventually have this webOS integration consistent across all of their PC-based products.

[Via All Things Digital]