HP Chromebook 13 has the looks of a MacBook, with a price to match

Chromebooks are Google's answer to the laptop. If you're not familiar, these devices run ChromeOS, which is essentially an operating system built around the popular browser. Today, HP announced their first high-end Chromebook, simply called the Chromebook 13.

You might ask yourself why anyone would need a high-end laptop that only runs an internet browser. I don't have any answers for you, there. But I can tell you all about this one.

The all-metal design sends the message that HP wants to imitate Apple's MacBook line, as does the 13.3" QHD+ (3200 x1800) screen. You'll even be happy to know that for the first time ever, you'll be able to dock your Chromebook via the USB Type-C connector, so that you'll be able to quickly and easily add a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

To ensure that you have plenty of horsepower for your Chromebook, you'll find that the 13 features a 6th Generation Intel Core M CPU, and up to 16GB of RAM. One of the best parts of a Chromebook is the ability to use it all day without needing a charge. This is definitely true of HP's Chromebook 13, which features up to 11.5 hours on a single charge.

One of the strangest features listed for the Chromebook 13 is "HP Print for Chrome, an app that enables local printing from Chrome OS devices to HP network and local printers for fast, easy printing." It would seem that the mere ability to print is now a feature, and luckily this one has it.

The HP Chromebook 13 will go on sale sometime this month, starting at $499. Bear in mind that the starting price only gets you a 1.5GHz 4405Y CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 1080p screen. If you want all of the features that were listed up above, it will set you back $1,029. Of course, for that money, you could just buy a laptop that runs Windows or OS X.