HP and Sprint making out in the locker room

James Allan Brady - Oct 22, 2007

Not really, but HP is going to start embedding Sprint’s mobile broadband hardware into their systems. Mostly it will be the business level notebooks, but it’s a step in the right direction.

They are jointly marketing the venture with HP marketing the upside of using Sprint, the fastest and largest mobile broadband network in America, and Sprint selling the merits of HP laptops to business users. The chips will be based on the EV-DO Rev. A technology.

The best part about this is being able to work from just about anywhere within the US. Imaging packing up your business laptop mid-day on a nice day and leaving the office, go and work from the park, or something of that nature, me, well I’d probably head straight for a good bar, partly because they serve alcohol, partly because I like the atmosphere.

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