HP and Ivy Worldwide Announce Winners of the X510 Data Vault Creative Contest

When a contest gets announced, the parameters generally have to be pretty interesting to make even the coolest prize seem worth it. After all, you can't just have a boring contest. Where's the fun in that? You already know the answer to that. And that's why we're happy to announce that HP and Ivy Worldwide have officially unveiled the winners of their X510 Data Vault creative contest (which was linked to our own Data Vault contest, right here) — and the submissions are definitely creative.

Readers were supposed to enter in their own creative ideas to win an X510 Data Vault, and from what HP and Ivy Worldwide are telling us, the contestants did everything they could to get noticed. But, on a more personal note, we're proud to say that two of the winners are from SlashGear. Both the first and second place prize winners were submitted by us, and so we're happy to announce that here. As for the third winner, they were submitted by Neowin and GottaBeMobile. Yes, there was a tie for third place.

What'd they win? Well, the first person winner, named Brandon Blackmoor, won an HP Mini 311. Second place, won an HP 8" sd828a1 Smart WiFi Display. And then for the tied third place, they won an HP branded shirt. But, what makes these so interesting are the submissions, which you can find below in their own links. Go ahead and take a gander at them, and enjoy them. Creative usually means fun, and in this case, it's very true.

First Place:

Second Place:

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Third Place: