HP 2133 to sell 2 million units?

James Allan Brady - Feb 27, 2008

Apparently HP thinks so, they’ve taken it upon themselves to contract out 2 million units to Wistron. In case you’ve already forgotten, the 2133 is the Eee-like notebook that HP is going to start selling later this year.

The main differences are that it has an actual hard drive that can be had in 40 or 80 gigabyte capacities and a larger 8.9 inch screen. In my opinion, it looks far more attractive, and definitely far more professional.

Furthermore, this is apparently going to be the year of the really small, really cheap, notebook PC because all of the Taiwanese OEMs are expecting a total of up to 13 million of these type of units to be made this year. That means 13 million more people around the world will have the privilege of owning a portable computer, it also likely means that a little more than half that number will be switching to Linux, way to go Linus Torvalds, you have finally arrived.

[via jkOnTheRun]

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