HP 2133 Mini-Note PC coming with a new Windows XP option

The 2133 is still being hyped up and I am sure that a lot of future owners of the machine will be happy to know that your two options aren't the unfamiliar Linux and the likely slow-booting Vista; you'll now be able to get Windows XP installed. The reason is quite obvious; XP is loads faster on systems with such limited resources.

No word on what hardware configuration the XP system will come with though. So there is a chance it will be available as an option across the board, and at the price Microsoft is offering it to manufacturers of these "Budget" PC's it would be a smart move to do so.

I have to admit though, the 2133 was hot a while ago, but it may already be losing its flame by some of the other new notebooks being announced. That's to say just prior to the actual announcement of the notebook and all of its details I definitely would have bought one, but now I'm waiting for something else, they are taking too long.

[via laptoping]