How to watch THQ Nordic's 10th Anniversary Showcase today

Today is a big day for THQ Nordic. For its 10th anniversary, THQ Nordic has announced that it will be hosting a new reveal showcase. That showcase promises new reveals and some returning franchises, so if you're a fan of THQ Nordic's games, it sounds like it'll be worth tuning in to.

THQ Nordic's 10th Anniversary Showcase – as it is officially called – will kick off later today at 12 PM PDT/3 PM EDT. It'll be streaming in three different places: YouTube, Twitch, and even Steam. Of course, the easiest way to catch it is to watch the YouTube livestream we've embedded below. In addition, since there's currently a THQ Nordic publisher sale happening on Steam, we wouldn't be surprised to see the showcase streaming on the Steam homepage later today.

THQ Nordic has already given us some details about the show. We know that it'll be hosted by Geoff Keighley of The Game Awards fame. We also know that the showcase will cover six new games, though THQ Nordic obviously doesn't reveal what those games are. However, the company does say that the showcase will feature "the return of legendary franchises and sequels to beloved games," so take that as you will.

In addition, THQ Nordic has confirmed that Elex II and Expeditions: Rome will be two of the games covered at the show, so we at least know to expect news about those. We'll also get an update on what's happening at HandyGames before the showcase kicks off, but those were all the details THQ Nordic gave us.

It's worth noting that Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition and Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition are currently free to claim and keep on Steam, so perhaps those are two of the franchises that are getting new installments announced today? We'll let you know what THQ Nordic announces, so check back with us later in the day for coverage from the company's 10th Anniversary Showcase.