How to play Apple Arcade’s newest 6 games as it reaches 100

Chris Burns - Nov 8, 2019, 12:27 pm CST
How to play Apple Arcade’s newest 6 games as it reaches 100

Today Apple Arcade reached its first major milestone with a total of 100 playable game titles. The list includes several oddities and/or otherwise decent-looking games. Some are the sort you might never have seen if you’d not acquired an Apple Arcade subscription in the first place – imagine that!

As noted by Engadget, this addition of 6 games brings the total games available on Apple Arcade up to 100. If you open your App Store on an iOS device, you’ll find an Arcade tab. Tap Arcade, scroll to the bottom, and find “See All Games” to see the full list, starting with the newest games we’ve got right here!

NEW This week:
• Marble It Up: Mayhem
• Discolored
• Guildlings
• Takeshi & Hiroshi
• UFO on Tape: First Contact
• Sociable Soccer (sequel to “Sensible Soccer”)

The game Sociable Soccer is probably the game on this list most people will remember. This game requires that you have a basic knowledge of the great game, but includes controls that should be simple enough for most people to get their head around.

Take a peek at the Marble It Up: Mayhem launch trailer below. This is a truly lovely looking game in which you’re controlling a marble through the furthest reaches of space – in a sort of mini-golf sort of situation.

The Apple Arcade-exclusive game UFO on Tape: First Contact should get you in the mood for late-night searches for alien life. Just in time for Thanksgiving, where you’ll be sitting around eating gobs of food, not wanting to get up and move anyway!

Next you’ll see the launch trailer for Guildlings. This is a rather simple-looking game that’s got some serious depth. Don’t let the flat graphics fool you.

The game Discolored is described by its developers at Shifty Eye Games Ltd as follows: “A lonely roadside diner in the middle of the desert. The locals say it’s lost all its color. You are sent to investigate.”

Takeshi and Hiroshi is definitely the strangest new item on the list. It was developed by the folks at Oink Games, Inc., and centers on “the two worlds of puppet animation and RPG.” “It tells the story of two brothers and their daily life,” wrote the developer. Tap in on the timeline below to learn more about Apple Arcade and the details therein!

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