How to get 10,000 Fire Emblem Heroes Hero Feathers this week

Nintendo has been giving out a lot of free stuff to celebrate the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes but what's coming later this week is by far one of the biggest prizes. Nintendo held a promotion on Twitter, asking for a Fire Emblem Heroes-related post to get 10,000 global retweets. So long as that goal was achieved by February 7 (today) at 7 PM Eastern, Nintendo said it would reward all Fire Emblem Heroes players with 10,000 hero feathers.

Well, we're a few hours away from the deadline, so what's the retweet count at? A whopping 34,729 at the time of this writing, more than three times the amount Nintendo was looking for. That means players will soon find 10,000 feathers in their Fire Emblem Heroes inbox.

That's a huge amount of feathers, considering they're one of the hardest items to obtain in the game. Currently, the only way to get feathers is to "send home" heroes you don't need, receive them from friends, or earn them in the arena. Of those methods, only competing in the arena will yield a significant number of feathers, and since arena resets once a week, it still takes a while to build up a large amount.

Feathers are used to upgrade your heroes from one star tier to another through a process called "unlock potential." For instance, you're able to unlock the potential in a three-star hero who's at level 20, turning them into a four-star hero. It takes 2,000 feathers to turn a three-star into a four-star, and 20,000 feathers to transform a four-star into a five-star.

So yeah, these 10,000 feathers will go a long way toward helping players upgrade their heroes. While it isn't enough to turn a four-star hero into a five-star one, it does get you halfway there. There's no word on when these feathers will be delivered, but they're arriving later this week, so keep an eye on your mailboxes.

SOURCE: Nintendo