How to cut your Facebook stress to zero

The most important pull-down menu on the entirety of the world's most used social network sits right up front and center of your best friend's profile page. This menu hides under the "Following" button, and inside you'll find the most excellent option Facebook has ever offered. The menu item you're looking for is "Unfollow." With this option you'll retain your friendship 100% without having to see your friend's posts in your news feed. You have the power to sort out what you want to see and what you're tired of seeing on Facebook without any negative repercussions.

Handling Facebook is difficult when it comes to dramatic feedback. Forget to accept a friend request or turn your relationship status to "make it Facebook official", and you'll find yourself on the wrong side of a hard stare. Facebook can be downright stressful. It can be WORK.

But unlike Twitter, where it's all or nothing when it comes to "following" someone, Facebook's spiderweb of social responsibilities can be made to work for you. Instead of having to see the trash that your racist Uncle Jimmy posts regularly about gun control and raising a wall up around the borders of the USA, you can simply unfollow him.

When you unfollow someone on Facebook, they never know you've done so.

They don't get a notification that tells them they've been unfollowed. They still see your posts and updates. You can still be tagged by them (unfortunately), and you can still visit their profile if you want to catch up.

All tapping the "Unfollow" button does is take your contact's endless blabbering out of your main news feed. With this one button you can cut out every person that ever posted an image like the following:

You can get rid of all of this. Live your life again. Follow only your best buddy who posts photos of rivers and interesting doors. Be calm and enjoy your day.