How to check if your phone will work with Android Wear

Nate Swanner - Jun 26, 2014
How to check if your phone will work with Android Wear

If you’ve been watching the I/O coverage this week, you have undoubtedly seen a few Android Wear smartwatches. If they’ve struck a chord, and you’d like to snap one up, there are ways to do so. If you’re not sure whether or not your phone can support Android Wear, there are a few easy ways to check.

First, Android Wear is supported on Android 4.3 or better. If you like, you can dig into your settings to find out what version you’re running. Swipe down your notification shade, and hit the settings icon on the top right. You might have to scroll down until you see “System” (like with the Galaxy S5), then select “About Device” (go straight to this option in a device like the Moto X). In there, you’ll find a sub-header for your Android version. If it’s 4.3 or better, you’re probably just fine.

The best way to check is to visit Google’s Android Wear site on your device. By migrating to, Google will tell you straight away if your Android device is compatible. We like that option on the off-chance an OEM has made some tweak that could interfere with Android Wear — not that we’ve seen it yet, but it’s possible.

Check out our video of Android Wear devices below, and be sure to check our hands-on posts below. Android Wear looks like a lot of fun, and gives many users that “Google Now on the wrist” they’ve been wanting.

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