How to add multiple stops to an Uber ride

Uber has pushed out a new update that makes riding with the service more convenient than ever — the ability to arrange multi-stop rides. It is important to note right off the bat that Uber doesn't intend for this to be a way to keep an Uber rider on hand while you go in shopping or to an appointment. Rather, it is a way for multiple people to share the same ride even if they're not in the same location or to make very quick stops.

The most obvious usage scenario for this new feature is the ability to pick up more than one person. For example, if you're getting picked at home but your significant other is still at the office, you can put both destinations into the trip and have the driver stop at both, one after the other. Up to three stops can be added to an Uber trip.

Of course, you don't have to use the feature only for picking up more people. You can, for example, use this as a way to grab something in just a minute or two on your way to a final destination. Maybe a driver is taking you home and you need to stop and pick up your dinner order on the way there. Maybe a library book is overdue and you need to drop it off on your way to work. Use your imagination.

Regardless of why you use it, the how part remains the same.

1. Open the app and tap "Where to" like usual.

2. Tap the " + " button next to the destination field.

3. Enter the first stop destination.

4. Enter the second stop destination.

5. If desired, enter a third stop.

6. Choose which Uber service you want (eg, uberX)

7. Confirm the trip.