How Star Wars TFA tricked you into believing Rey's vision

When The Force Awakens was released, viewers came away with the understanding that a key character was left on a key planet at a key time. That, it would seem, just wasn't true. What you're about to read might constitute as a SPOILER – but maybe not. It's not as if you're not going to learn the following if you're planning on continuing to watch the main Star Wars episodic story movies, and if you've already seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you should have nothing to fear at all!

This week you're able to purchase the novel called Star Wars: New Republic: Bloodline. In this book, it's revealed by placement of the plot that Rey was not left on Jakku after the "massacre" we see in Rey's vision. In other words, Rey and Kylo Ren were not, as we earlier assumed, both Jedi trainees with Luke Skywalker.

According to the author of Bloodline, Claudia Gray, Bloodline is set 6-years previous to The Force Awakens.

According to Pablo Hidalgo, Creative Executive, Lucasfilm Story Group and keeper of the Canon for the whole Star Wars Universe, Rey has indeed "already been left on Jakku during Bloodline."

A while!

During Bloodline, Luke is still training young Jedi, including Ben Solo. If that is true – and yes, it is canon according to Hidalgo – then what Rey sees of the Massacre with the Knights of Ren and Kylo Ren does not presuppose that she was actually there at the time.

In fact there is no possible way Rey was at the massacre – she was on Jakku at the time.

Everything Kylo Ren suggests he knows about Rey has therefor been gleaned from obviousness and/or captured from the minds he's read in the short time since he was introduced to the idea of her existing – helping BB-8 leave Jakku on a freighter, that is to say.

This opens up the doors of possibility for Rey.

No longer is she just super obviously a relative of Luke, or the sister of Ben, or anything like that. These things might still be possible, but it's just as likely that she's something completely new and different.

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