How do I update to Windows Phone 8.1?

A special preview of Windows Phone 8.1 has been released this week right on top of the developer-preview review series. If you'd like to have a peek at our Windows Phone 8.1 review, we encourage you to do so. If you'd like to check Windows Phone 8.1 out yourself, Microsoft has provided a back door of sorts for you to have a peek.

Your first step includes heading to the Windows Phone App Studio. In this Windows Phone App Studio portal you'll find a place to sign in with your Microsoft Account. Once you've done so, "create a project".

Once you've created a project, you'll want to head to the Preview for Developers page for Windows Phone 8.1 and install. You'll want to be aware of several things when you initiate this process. The first and most important of these things is the fact that you CANNOT revert to an earlier version of Windows Phone once you've installed this build.

You should also be aware that once you've installed this Preview for Developers app, you're relying on Microsoft to update your smartphone forevermore. While OEM drivers and firmware will still come from their respective sources, Microsoft will be distributing OS previews.

While it's possible you may get further early previews of Windows Phone in the future with this app, we're not entirely certain Microsoft will continue the service through this portal. Use at your own risk, though this app also includes the ability to opt-out of pre-releases and "only receive production Windows Phone updates."