House of Cards spin-off tipped after Spacey allegations sink show

Netflix has decided to cancel its hit political series House of Cards, a move perhaps spurred by recent news surrounding show star Kevin Spacey. Sources claim that Netflix has been considering ending the show for awhile now, though, and now new sources have surfaced with a new tip: Netflix is planning to create a spin-off series based around House of Cards. Who will the new series focus on? Not Claire, it seems.

Both Netflix and Media Rights Capital are fleshing out multiple concepts for a House of Cards spin-off, a move many have been anticipating since news of the cancellation. Fans have expected that the spin-off will focus on the most logical choice, Claire Underwood, but sources say that may not be the case.

It seems the two companies are entertaining a concept that will make series character Doug Stamper the spin-off's focus. The information comes from sources speaking with Variety, which reports that Eric Roth, the show's executive producer for its first four seasons, will be writing the spin-off.

However, the sources say there are at least two other concepts being batted around and that not all of the concepts have planned writers at this time. No specific concept has been selected as the spin-off of choice, either. Netflix plans to wrap up House of Cards with its upcoming sixth season, which the company confirmed will be its last.

The show's conclusion will no doubt point toward the concept Netflix will ultimately go with, but official details are lacking at this time. Assuming sources are correct and that Netflix had already expected to end the show with its sixth season, it is possible the company was already working on a spin-off before the cancellation news went public.

SOURCE Variety