House of Cards renewed for fourth season

Netflix's viewer favorite House of Cards has been renewed for a fourth season, it has been announced. The streaming service, which released the series' third season a little over a month ago, announced that Frank Underwood and crew will be returning in 2016 with another season, though what exactly that season will entail hasn't been specified. Likewise, we don't yet know when, exactly, Season 4 will be premiering on the service (except that it'll be next year). Production will be kicking off this summer.

Things have been progressing nicely for Netflix's House of Cards, a political drama starring Kevin Spacey that will be riding the wave of real-life political fervor next year as election time heats up. House of Cards first made its public debut back in early 2013.

Netflix has been pushing out the original content, and though not all of it has found the same level of fame as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, the streaming service has largely been successful with its undertakings, so much so that it is now pushing its way into the cinema...and upsetting many in the industry while doing so.

This follows a rumor that surfaced yesterday about a tipped deal nearing Netflix's stamp of approval: a 13-episode order of "Fuller House", a reboot of the 90s family-friendly staple Full House starring Bob Saget and John Stamos. The news hasn't been made official yet, but if sources are correct, it is on the cusp of being ordered.

SOURCE: Deadline