House of Cards final season arrives in 2018 with Claire in spotlight

A month after series former-star Kevin Spacey was fired comes word on what House of Cards fans can expect next: the sixth and final season will premiere on Netflix in 2018. As many fans had hoped, the second Underwood in the pair, Claire, will take the show spotlight, bringing it to the finale that may itself snowball into a spin-off series from the streaming company.

Spacey was ultimately booted from the series following multiple accusations of sexual harassment. Netflix has halted production of the series shortly following the first accusation, and it was soon confirmed that the sixth season would be the last. However, production of that sixth season was left in question after additional accusations rolled in, and some fans worried that Netflix would cancel the show without wrapping it up.

Netflix went on to fire Spacey last month, but has since confirmed that House of Cards will get a proper end with a final season arriving some time next year. Netflix's Ted Sarandos confirmed the news, saying the upcoming final season will be 8 episodes long and will star Robin Wright via her character Claire Underwood. "We're really excited about bringing some closure to the show for fans," Sarandos said.

Netflix has fully parted ways with Spacey, cancelling the "Gore" film it had in the pipeline that was set to star Spacey. However, this may not be the end for House of Cards; sources surfaced in recent weeks claiming its spirit will live on in the form of a spin-off series. Netflix is yet to confirm that such plans exist, assuming they do.

Sources previously claimed that Netflix is (was?) considering multiple spin-off ideas, including one that will revolve around the character Doug Stamper as show star. While it sounds like Netflix may be most focused on that concept, there are at least two others getting big attention, the sources had claimed. Details on the spin-off, though, as well as the upcoming sixth season, haven't yet been provided.

SOURCE: The Wrap