Hot Wheels: BMW goes for glow with M4 DTM thermals

Chris Davies - May 23, 2014
Hot Wheels: BMW goes for glow with M4 DTM thermals

As dream jobs go, race car driver is one that many share, but you might think differently after seeing the roasting environment BMW‘s M4 DTM drivers experience as they race the curvaceous sportscar. The German marque brought thermal cameras to bear on the BMW Motorsport car, with temperatures of up to 140 degrees fahrenheit (60 degrees celsius) in the cabin.

That’s nothing compared to what the car generates when it’s slowing, however. BMW’s testing found the carbon brakes get as high as 1,472 degrees fahrenheit (800 degrees celsius) when the car is racing in earnest.


Even the tires could give you serious burns without the right gloves. BMW Motorsport heats them up to between 176-212 degrees fahrenheit (80-100 degrees celsius) before fitting them, using thermal blankets in the pit stop area.

The BMW P66 engine is a V8 good for a 0-62mph run in around three seconds, mustering around 480 HP and 369 lb-ft of torque. It’s pushed through a sequential six-speed sport gearbox, which BMW’s engineers can tweak between eleven different ratios.

GP Spanien 2013

The regular BMW M4 shouldn’t get quite so hot, but it will be a little more affordable. Only eight of the M4 DTM cars will be available to BMW during the season.


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