Horizontal 51 is a shelf and an iPod dock on one flat package

The sheer wealth of iPod accessories on the market never ceases to amaze me. Some of them are normal accessories that look like you expect accessories for an iPod to look. Some of the accessories though are devices that don't look anything like you would expect them to, such as the Horizontal 51 iPod dock.

The thing is a thin shelf that you can presumably actually use as a shelf. It has an iPod dock on the front edge and speakers inside it. The device can also be connected to a TV, computer, or other MP3 player.

The frequency range is 50 – 25.000 Hz, and the power output is 2 x 25W and it has an input voltage of 100 – 240V. Inputs on the device include a 30-pin iPod/iPhone dock, audio port, and USB. Outputs include composite video and audio. The deal measures 1000 x 300 x 51mm. The exact price is unknown and seven colors are available.